Learning from One Another

“Hello world.”  I’m in a wonderful position in my career when I am doing what I love – teaching – while continually learning about new topics.  The surprise so many teachers encounter is how much they thought they’d teach and how much they in turn learn themselves.  At the moment, I’m sitting in on a Programming for Non Programmers course, writing code in the Ruby Sinatra framework and listening to an interactive lesson taught by one of our experienced General Assembly instructors.  Wrapping my head around web development was incredibly intimidating before my first day at GA and now I’m surprised to find myself speaking knowledgeably about this topic which was previously a foreign language to me (quite literally).

When reading an interesting Mindshift article this morning about how studying with quizzes helps material stick, I thought how I’d share this phenomenon of the “testing effect” with our GA instructors for them to consider in future lessons.  One of the most pivotal concepts of adult learning theory is providing the “why” behind information being taught and give adults the opportunity to implement their knowledge in order to process new material.  In the same manner, they teach me so much about web programming and UX design skills that I hope to utilize in writing this blog.  Follow along as I experiment with the framework and design of my blog, while providing information you can use in your classroom!